Insert moulding: respraying other material types with plastic

For insert moulding, we injection mould part of another material type in plastic. A very common application is the coating or recoating of metal parts with plastic. We put the foreign object in an injection mould and encapsulate it.

Metal, ceramics or other materials

With insert moulding, we encapsulate other materials in plastic. We work a lot with metal and ceramics, but we can also injection mould other materials with insert moulding. With this injection moulding technique, you easily create a product made from plastic and another material.

Fully automated

Depending on the series size, we can fully automate insert moulding. Instead of placing parts into the mould by hand, we automate this to make production go even faster. In doing so, we guarantee a constant process and the quality of your product increases. We can integrate quality control after the injection moulding cycle by means of vision control systems.

Would you like to know more about the possibilities of insert moulding?

We are very experienced with insert moulding and can quickly inform you of the possibilities and impossibilities for your product. Please contact us and we will be glad to tell you more about this injection moulding method.